Managing director of Burrowes and Associates, Alison Burrowes is a licensed private investigator and security consultant with 16 years experience and currently based in the Christchurch and Canterbury region.
Alison worked alongside and was trained by company founder Brian Burrowes who had 22 years experience in the New Zealand Police, 16 of those years included experience in the criminal investigation branch and criminal intelligence section.
Brian retired at the rank of detective Sergeant.
Alison applies her experience to clients needs ranging from the individual to corporate level.
Alison Burrowes
Licensed Private Investigators / Security Consultants
Private investigators or detectives carry out confidential investigations and checks on individuals for companies, a public group, attorneys, and individual clients. They may be required to trace a lost relative, beneficiary or missing person, investigate an insurance claim, or work undercover. Private investigators use many different surveillance methods and search methods to find out important facts in many different matters. They gather as much information as possible by telephone, surveillance, doing background checks, interviewing and talking to people. They assist and work with businesses, attorneys, individuals and the public with financial, legal and personal issues, give evidence at court hearing and often work undercover to observe people suspected fraud or other undesirable or illegal actions.

A private investigator has to keep up with any legal changes that affect their work. They are required to function within the law and make sure any evidence they collected is correct and admissible evidence in court. The cases they work on must be legal and ethical. An investigator may offer services in pre-employment validation, background checks and computer crimes. They often assist in personal injury cases, fraud and insurance claims, investigate infidelity cases and missing person cases.

Many private investigators are office based but spend the majority of their time driving, on foot, sitting and doing investigative, surveillance work, and background checks. Their hours are extremely irregular and, depending on the job, could require the investigator to work during the night, weekends or around the clock, on special cases. Many private investigators have previous experience in law enforcement, insurance and other jobs.
What is a Private Investigator?
Fully licensed Private Investigator and Security Consultant. Authorised by the Department of Courts to serve documents pursuant to the Summary Proceedings Act 1957.
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